Pacific Technical Solutions is a systems integrator specializing in solutions for Autonomous Lighting and IoT.  They provide expert guidance on these emerging technologies, the benefits that can be achieved and the best strategies for implementation.

You can leverage technologies such as wireless mesh networking, location beacons, Circadian curve tracking and cloud-based IoT applications to achieve true product differentiation in lighting fixtures, adding value, improving functionality and integrating with building management systems.

In addition to developing value-added products, Pacific Technical Solutions services include design, component sourcing, commissioning and on-going technical support.  Take advantage of this expertise to compress the product development cycle and optimize smart fixtures, wireless controls, cloud connectivity and more.

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Autonomous Lighting and IoT

Pacific Technical Solutions products and services enable fixtures to react to their environment, be integrated with building management systems, and act as the intelligent nodes for IoT applications while at the same time, providing a comfortable and healthy environment for their users. Our solutions are end-to-end implementations that span from intelligence hardware inside the fixtures, to cloud-based applications, to value added apps on smartphones.