IR-TEC has been specializing in sensor and control solutions for lighting and HVAC since 1982. The company offers a wide variety of occupancy and daylight sensors for OEM lighting fixture integration, standalone lighting controls, and building management systems integration.

Versatile selections for OEM lighting fixture integration

  • High Frequency Doppler Sensing
  • Passive Infrared
  • SmartDim Continuous Dimming
  • Wall Switch Sensor
  • Occupancy Sensor
  • Daylight Sensor
  • Power Pack and Controller

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Featured Product: PIR Occupancy Sensor

The TRANS‑PIR occupancy sensor is a second‑to‑none wide range of 360° look‑down detection sensors developed from "Interchangeable EMO" an industry leading sensor design innovation features interchangeable Electrical, Mechanical and Optical options. This innovative design concept helps creating numerous types of sensor with individual electrical specifications which can be mounted in various formats and equipped with interchangeable lens to provide distinctive detection coverage.

The TRANS‑PIR occupancy sensor ranges from

  • Line voltage to low voltage power
  • Load switching to signaling control
  • H‑L digital to 0‑10V analog output
  • On/off switching to bi‑level control
  • Indoor use to IP‑66 wet location
  • High‑bay to wide angle detection
  • 24‑hour sensing to ambient light inhibited
  • Manual setting to remote programmable
  • Fixture integrated to independent mount
  • Standalone control to system integration
  • Multi‑level StepDIM to constant level SmartDIM