Tripar® Inc has been the lighting industry’s metal stamping specialist since 1949. Tripar focuses on manufacturing metal components for recessed downlighting using more than 100 presses, 1600 dies, CNC laser and multiple fabrication machines. Its diverse line of architectural, commercial and residential components includes I.C.Boxes, plaster frames, junction boxes, bar hangers, housings and trims, as well as light fixture and lamp parts and wall plates. All of Tripar’s components are designed to be compatible and customizable, to meet every customer requirement.

Full range of components include

  • I.C.Boxes – Knockdown, Reduced Airflow and Ultra Airtight
  • Plaster frames – Ability to be highly customized
  • Accessories – Junction boxes, covers, bar hangers and brackets
  • Retrofit components – Housings, junction boxes, trims and gimbals
  • Light fixtures and lamp parts – Canopies, crossbars, lamp bases, fonts, cups and more.

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Featured Product: L-Bar™ Commercial Bar Hanger

Consisting of identical L-shaped members, two L-Bars form a rigid ½” X 1 ½” C-Channel shape when assembled, fitting into the C-channel notches in Tripar’s 1254 Butterfly Bracket and most other Butterfly Brackets containing notches for C-Channel.


  1.   Extendable to fit spacing from 12” spaced joists to 24” T-Bar
  2.  Fastenerless extension locking - accessible from side or bottom
  3.  Self-locking in Tripar’s 1254 Butterfly Bracket
  4.  Marking lines for 16”, & 24” joist spacing & 24” T-Bar allow for locking before ceiling installation
  5.  36”-48” extension with addition of 1-2 more identical & locking L-Bars
  6.  Integral formed & barbed nail
  7.  Underside Tabs/slots for joist positioning, lateral adjustment, and even removal
  8.  T-Bar slot and locking screw feature