Plaskolite is an industry leader in acrylic and polycarbonate lighting lens solutions, with OEM product lines that include extruded sheet, cast sheet, custom extruded profiles, and films. Plaskolite’s in-house engineering team offers optical expertise to help tailor designs to your specific fixture requirements with precision and innovation.

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Featured Product: OPTIX® LED PXT

OPTIX LED PXT acrylic diffusers provide improved optics and increased light transmission while maintaining an excellent balance of hiding power and diffusion.

  • Matte textured surface on two sides.
  • Light transmission consistent throughout thickness range.
  • “Colorless” grades offer the best balance of light output and hiding power/diffusion.
  • “White” grades provide a more traditional solution.

Plaskolite offers lighting OEMs the PXT Series in 48" x 96" flat acrylic sheet or a custom acrylic extruded profiles.