BBS Product Spotlight—FacetCore™ from MetroSpec Technology®

Simple, cost-effective LED:  Less metal, more light!

FacetCore™ from MetroSpec Technology® simplifies fixture design by eliminating heat sinks, mechanical parts, and excess wiring. Multi-sided LED circuits are formed to enable projection from 90° to 360°. This powerful high-intensity LED solution provides full light illumination without variations in uniformity or shadows and can be paired with BoardOnCoil™ downlight. Available in continuous lengths, FacetCore ensures that dark areas are eliminated and diffusers are uniformly lit.

Fixture applications include:

  • Pendants
  • Globes
  • Sconces
  • Tubular fixtures
  • Drums

12-Sided FacetCore™

4-Sided FacetCore™ with
BoardOnCoil™ Minnie downlight

FacetCore provides high intensity and light uniformity, even in a longer fixture. This radial lighting technology is compact, lightweight, and trimmable, measuring less than an inch in diameter yet producing up to 4000+ lumens/ft. Facetcore 360° light source fits a wide range of applications yet costs less than a heat sink approach. FacetCore supports high and low intensity and is available in any color temperature and CRI. Options include full-color and color-tunable configurations.

MetroSpec Technology, represented by Bill Brown Sales, manufactures FlexRad LED light sources exclusively for light fixture manufacturers needing the best efficiency, highest reliability, and most cost-effective solutions. For more than 15 years, MetroSpec has provided lighting OEMs with the finest LED technology, products, and services to help them quickly and confidently pursue LED fixture sales.