BBS Product Spotlight: New Gen9 COBs from Bridgelux®

Bridgelux®, a leading LED solution manufacturer represented by Bill Brown Sales, recently launched a new line of Gen9 COBs. The Gen9 COB was created to improve CRI80 efficacy to 200 lm/W warm white and represents a 10% improvement from the previous generation CRI 80 Gen8 COBs. Gen9 COBs are available in a wide range of Light-Emitting Surfaces (LES) from 6 mm to 22 mm in diameter. The breakthrough performance represents the highest efficacy in the COB lighting market.

Together with Gen9 V Series™ COBs, Bridgelux offers solder-free COB holders and optical lenses for a total lighting solution. Both holder and optics meet Zhaga standards. The holders will be suitable for all V Series™ and Vesta™ TW COBs from Gen9 V6 to Gen9 V22. The optics can be snapped into the holders and are offered in 35mm, 45mm, 55mm and 65mm diameters, with a wide range of beam angles from 15 to 60 degrees.

Gen9 COBs are robust and can be operated with case temperatures up to 105⁰C at a maximum drive current of 2X normal while delivering the improved efficacy of 200 lm/W at CRI80.  Bridgelux Gen9 COBs are ideal for all commercial and residential lighting applications to meet US DLC and Euro ERP energy-saving specifications.