BBS Product Spotlight: THE SRP 281 Remote Programmer from IR-TEC America

Bill Brown Sales (BBS) represents IR-TEC America and is pleased to showcase the SRP-281 Remote Programmer operating with their OS-NET smart sensor network. This remote allows you to control and group your OS-NET sensors wirelessly without physically adjusting the settings. The easy-to-use commissioning and grouping tool requires no computers or software. In addition, it allows you to:

  • Set control schemes quickly and accurately for individual sensors or groups of sensors
  • Check output and photocell readings from the ground
  • Respond to changing site conditions and reprogram devices on-the-fly

The simple, innovative device also features:

  • Exceptionally long-range two-way communication
  • Intuitive instructions for easy programming
  • Upload and Download status acknowledgment
  • Various time settings for burn-in test and operation
  • A rubber jacket for superior drop protection


IR-TEC-America specializes in sensor and control solutions for lighting. The company offers a wide variety of occupancy and daylight sensors for OEM lighting fixture integration, standalone lighting controls, and building management systems integration. Based in Brea, CA, the IR TEC America team brings over 20 years of occupancy sensor and lighting control service experience to all customers in the North American market.