Components for Healthcare Lighting

Healthcare lighting can be complex, going beyond general illumination with priorities including behavioral health, infection control standards, and possible interference with specialized medical equipment. Healthcare luminaires must accommodate the needs of multiple locations and environments, including nursing stations, exam rooms, surgical centers, patient rooms, and other administrative areas. The BBS selection of components for healthcare lighting includes:

A.L.P.®: DASSL™ (Diffused Asymmetric Symmetric Surgery Lens) provides more light on targeted work surface.

Bridgelux®: Vesta Series tunable white and dim-to-warm options can be adjusted for unique environments and settings.

Genesis Plastic Technologies: Porex® reflector material reflects an unprecedented 99% of UV-C and UV-B, and 96% of UV-A.for every application.

RLR Industries: Double-laminated shades and sconces are ideal for health care and assisted living facilities.

Roytec: Turnkey custom wiring harnesses and assemblies.

Sur-Seal®: Custom sealing gaskets protect lighting from contaminant ingress.

Tripar Inc®: Ultra-airtight IC boxes (<2CFM).