Custom Thermoformer Genesis Launches New Website

Genesis Plastics Technologies, a plastics thermoformer represented by Bill Brown Sales, recently unveiled a brand new, improved website.  Featuring manufacturing videos, company background, and complete contact details, the site also includes brand new details on their lighting reflector products and services:

  • Complete details on their Valar material, a proprietary, white diffuse reflective polymer engineered to make light more efficient.
  • A Reflector Design Guide, ready to download and launch your next project.
  • Background on how Genesis thermoformed reflectors can outperform alternatives like coatings and flat sheet.
  • Data on quick assembly and cost savings.
  • Details on the Genesis partnership with Porex® to form unitary 3-d U/V-C reflectors.

Custom reflectors from Genesis offer lighting fixture OEMs some unique advantages over traditional approaches like coatings, paint, or pieced-together sheet.  The highly reflective, lightweight, one-piece designs lower costs and speed fixture assembly.  Formed reflectors can hide LEDs and reduce harsh glare, as well as hide fasteners, drivers, and other light-robbing components. Utilizing their proprietary Valar material, Genesis can produce parts with up to 97% reflectivity.