IR-TEC LRD-309S New Size! Same Features!

LRD-309S new addition.
Line Voltage SmartDIM Occupancy Sensor from IR-TEC

New compact body design for easy integration into a 1.34" hole DIA.


  • On/Off
  • Bi-level dimming
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Continuous dimming
  • All easily Set with the SRP-280 remote

Customizable lens choices for specific mounting heights.

IP-66 end mount option also available.

IR-TEC’s LRD-309S is a low-profile, fixture integrated occupancy sensor designed to control 0-10V dimmable ballasts and LED drivers. This 2-way, remote-programmable sensor is capable of providing four different occupancy sensing control schemes with fully adjustable multi-level high/low StepDIM or SmartDIM control to the integrated fixtures. SmartDIM is a state-of-the-art automatic dimming control technology developed by IR-TEC, which enables the sensor to maintain the overall ambient light level within the preset range through a smooth, flawless continuous dimming control to the connected lighting. The LRD-309Sm also employs an exclusive Hybrid Switching technology to allow switching the LED driver with high inrush current, up to 500,000 cycles.