Tripar introduces IC Boxes with new 70 cubic inch J-Box
to accommodate larger drivers

Tripar® recently expanded its line of IC boxes to include an enlarged junction box that accommodates larger drivers.  They include all the proven features of Tripar’s Single Ceiling IC boxes, but with more than double the J-Box volume.  Like the name implies, the Junction Box 70 features 70 cubic inches of volume, more than twice the measurement of standard single ceiling IC boxes, which measure 27 cubic inches.

In addition to accommodating larger drivers, the enlarged internal J-Box cover is available with whatever driver mounting and wire passage hole configurations are required.  It is available in both Reduced Airflow and Ultra-Airtight versions and is made at the same 0.027” thickness to comply with UL 1598.  Also offered are Extender Boxes to secure multiple IC boxes together.

Specs and additional information are available here: