Tripar Introduces Shutter™ Adjustable Plaster Frames

Tripar recently introduced Shutter™ adjustable plaster frames to accommodate multiple luminaire dimensions that require a range of hole openings.  The plaster frames feature an adjustable hole and are offered with both square and round openings.

The frames are available in the same overall size as Tripar’s popular 1231 and 1286 series (8-5/8” x 12-1/2”).  Both the round and square versions offer 3” to 5-1/2” opening adjustability, simple screw-lock, and optional engraved graduations.

In addition, the square opening can be offset with respect to the centerline; especially advantageous if/when an installer needs to run a series of fixtures in a straight line and encounters obstructions; just offset the plaster frame and square hole to realign affected fixtures.

Both Shutters are compatible with a range of Tripar I.C. Boxes; 1233 series Knockdown, as well as 1281(AT) & 1285(AT) double ceiling series I.C. Boxes, and the new 1681(AT) and 1685(AT) series single ceiling I.C. Boxes.

To maintain restricted airflow requirements for Ultra-airtight applications (<2 CFM airflow), Tripar “AT” versions come with a ¼” wide gasket placed on the outer face of the frame, extending beyond the outermost holes/slots/lances.  By making contact with the topside of a ceiling, this gasket seals off the various holes within this space.

Predicting plaster frame hole requirements is especially difficult for new products. The flexible Shutter reduces the number of SKUs you need and increases the chances of having what you need when you need it.

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