BBS Product Spotlight — BoardOnCoil™ Minnie Ultra Compact Downlight from MetroSpec Technology®

BoardOnCoil™ Minnie is a small and compact, lightweight, high-intensity, directional (up/down) light source for cylinders, pendants and sconces.

MetroSpec Technology® has leveraged its FlexRad BoardOnCoil (BOC) technology to create the BOC Minnie LED light source for directional lighting. Features and benefits of this LED light source include:

  • Less than 35mm in diameter
  • Under 20mm in depth
  • Weighs less than 20 grams
  • Powered at 8 Watts, capable of over 160 lm/W
  • Simplified fixture mechanical assembly
  • Self-cooling, no additional heat sink required

The BOC Minnie can be used for pendant downlights, spotlights, sconces, acrylic rod lighting, and a wide variety of single-sided and double-sided directional fixtures. It is available in almost every color and color temperature, as well as a variety of LED types and optional lenses.