BBS Product Spotlight: Linear360® Light Engine with New Snap-In Fasteners from MetroSpec Technology

All too often, cutting-edge, efficient fixture designs come with a hefty price tag.  But now you do not need to sacrifice aesthetics for cost, or innovation for manufacturability. FlexRad® Linear360®, from MetroSpec Technology, is now available with pre-installed snap-in PMount™ fasteners for streamlined assembly.

Linear360 enables fast and easy installation into curved LED light fixtures and rings.  This custom designed light engine features holes to accept fasteners that press directly into the heatsink.  Linear360 greatly reduces labor when compared to alternative daisy chain solutions.

  • Unique capability to curve in plane
  • Single light engine allows straight-to-curve in one circuit
  • Reliable, high-output circuit with trimmable lengths
  • Available in any CCT or CRI combination
  • Sculpt a variety of fixtures from one circuit design
  • Secures easily with PMount fasteners or adhesive tape

If you want to improve the speed of LED fixture assembly by cutting out dozens of parts and most of the wiring, contact your BBS Sales Manager to learn more about Linear360 and the entire FlexRad family.