Components for Horticulture Lighting

Great horticulture lighting speeds the growth and increases the yield of indoor plants. While each horticultural lighting design is unique, all require luminaires that are durable, easy to maintain, and energy efficient. Considerations include the fixture’s intended use, targeted crops, environmental considerations, and plant lifecycles.

BBS horticulture-optimized components include:

A.L.P.®: Durable Sentry® Elite LED fixture kit is rated IP 65, IP66, IP67.

Bridgelux®: Vero Series delivers optimal spectral coverage to optimize plant growth.

Inventronics: LNT-350SxxxSTF Rugged, efficient, IP 20 drivers.

Roytec: Versatile wire harnesses and assemblies for every application.

Sur-Seal®: Custom sealing gaskets offer long-term weather and thermal protection.

Wald Wire: Wire guards protect luminaires from debris and damage.