New High Input Voltage, 680W LED Drivers from Inventronics Eliminate Additional Installation Equipment, Address Poor Power Quality

PRODUCT PROFILE:  Inventronics ESM-680 High-Power Drivers for Horticulture, High Mast, and Stadium Lighting

Inventronics, an innovative driver manufacturer represented by Bill Brown Sales, recently released a new series of high-power LED drivers suitable for horticulture, high mast, and stadium lighting applications. These drivers deliver design versatility with programmability, Controls-Ready features, and industry-leading built-in protection.

The ESM-680SxxxMx series operates at an input voltage range of 249-528 Vac to support worldwide projects. They supply the full 680W of power at a wide array of output currents from 1.25 to 15 Amps. They are programmable via Inventronics programming software to allow customers to choose the optimal current setting for their application. For further customization and energy savings, they provide the ideal level of lighting with various isolated dimming options: 0-10V, PWM, multiple timers, fade time adjustable, minimum dimming levels programmable at 5% or 10%, and maximum dimming levels programmable at 9V or 10V. The added Output Lumen Compensation feature offers a more uniform and consistent quality of light over time.

The ESM-680SxxxMx are equipped with Controls-Ready features allowing interoperability to work seamlessly with various sensors and controls for stadiums, industrial, city management systems, and horticulture lighting applications. The Dim-to-Off (DTO) feature distributes light only when needed, and the Always-On Auxiliary Power of 12V, 250mA can power sensors and wireless modules directly from the driver. This allows for less wiring, removing the need for additional equipment such as AC relays and power packs creating a cost-effective solution to connected lighting. They also supply a low inrush current (lpeak ≤ 20A @ 277 Vac) to allow for more drivers per Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB).

Horticultural Lighting Applications

Stadium Lighting Applications

The ESM-680SxxxMx feature built-in protection for the more robust application conditions typically found in industrial and horticulture applications. They deliver industry-leading surge protection of 6kV (differential mode) and 10kV (common mode) while the LED driver auxiliary voltage provides inherent protection from AC line voltage disturbances for external accessories. By leveraging the internal protection, to include surge and under/over voltage protection, they address issues typically found with voltage swells and poor power quality to prevent premature failure of the luminaire. They are IP66 and IP67 rated, reinforced with an end-of-life indicator, and have a calculated lifetime of up to 102,000 hours at a case temperature of 70°C.

The ESM-680SxxxMG are constructed with a global cable to reduce inventory SKUs and carrying costs associated with overstocking products and the ESM-680SxxxMT are UL Class P certified. They are approved to UL, CE, ENEC, FCC, and CB standards.

About Inventronics: Inventronics is an innovative designer and manufacturer of LED drivers and is represented to North American fixture OEMs by Bill Brown Sales. Driven by an ongoing commitment to innovation and fueled by an array of patented technologies, Inventronics has demonstrated a track record of performance, service, and quality. Its broad and growing product line includes constant voltage, constant current, and multi-channel drivers from 25W to 300W. These versatile, high-performance solutions are well suited to indoor, outdoor, and industrial applications ranging from LED panel lights to high bay and street and area lighting. All products are UL recognized and comply with worldwide safety and EMC requirements.