Inventronics Website Features Driver Selection Tool

Inventronics, the driver manufacturer represented by Bill Brown Sales (BBS), features an LED driver selection tool on their website.  This interactive search tool helps you find the right LED driver for your design, filtering products as you search to ensure that you find the most compatible drivers.

The online driver selection tool guides you through numerous choices and requirements to drill down and find the perfect driver, including:

  • Constant Voltage, Constant Current
  • Output Range
  • Output Power
  • Nominal Input Voltage
  • Dimming
  • Certifications
  • Surge Protection
  • Independent Output Channels
  • Additional Features

The additional features available include 12V Aux, 24V Aux, Controls-Ready, AC Power monitoring, External Temperature Sensing (NTC), input over-voltage protection, input under-voltage protection, IP65/IP66/IP67, output lumen compensation, and top-mounted drivers.

for the Driver Selection Tool or contact your BBS sales manager.

Inventronics offers one of the most extensive LED driver product offerings in the solid-state lighting industry. They are a leading global brand with over ten years’ experience that continues to invest and innovate to meet customers’ needs for today and the future.  The Inventronics driver line includes constant-power, high current, high-input voltage, constant-voltage, programmable, controls-ready drivers.  They offer a variety of form factors and other options to provide design flexibility for virtually every application.